Rental Requirements:  You must have in your physical possession a valid driver’s license, not suspended or lost or misplaced license.

Fuel:  Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel/diesel as we provided. If not, re-fueling charges will apply. Fees will vary depending on fuel prices so please ask us or just fill it up before you return the vehicle.

Add on Drivers:  There is no charge to add an additional driver to a rental but they must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license.

Parking:  We have parking provided for our trucks, if you need  parking for additional vehicles or equipment. Contact us

Electronic Log Book:  In case you need it…its what we use:  Keep Truckin ELD APP


Here are some forms you might need:

RAMBO-CC-Auth Form


Production Rental Info Sheet

Truck Rental Inspection Form